July 9th, 2007


I malign the French

Greetings from Montreal. Matthew and I just ate some abominable Chinese food. My fortune cookie says:

Une amitie veritable et sincere vous loie tous deux.

(An amiable truthful and sincere you loie between two.)

The Chinese are so inscrutable!

Not much to report yet from this Francophone city that Lizzie claims is the Tijuana of the East Coast. I wanted to put Tijuana in quotes but every time I try to do quotes on this French keyboard, it comes out È. Is that the French version of quotation marks

I would have ended that last statement with a question mark, but, wouldnèt you know it, question mark also comes out as É. What the fuck is going onÉ French people are very ÈcoolÈ and Èwith itÈ and not ÈsmellyÈ. Know what I meanÈ

If you have any suggestions on what to do in Montreal, please suggestez vous. Merci, merci.