April 2nd, 2007


Z is for... zebra donut

Visiting NYC. I love how easy it is to get a cab here. You just stick up your hand, and within 10 seconds a yellow immigrant-driven vehicle has arrived. In San Francisco, "hailing" a cab is a complex procedure that takes anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes and requires the use of signal flares.

In Manhattan, there's a Dunkin Donuts on every block! Quite a few in Brooklyn as well. The cumulative effect of seeing 500 Dunkin Donuts is that I'm now obsessed with donuts. Last night on the cab ride home, all I could think about was eating a donut. Mmmm, apple donut... mmmm, chocolate glazed... Lost in a donut reverie, I started enumerating the donut A-B-C's. It was pretty easy until around "L"

A is for apple
B is for Bavarian Cream
C is for coconut
D is for donut
E is for eclair
F is for French Twist
G is for glazed
H is for hole
I is for iced
J is for jelly
K is for Krispee Kreme
L is for ...... lemon.
M is for ...... meringue? No. Damn, I want a donut...