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Strategies against winter [16 Nov 2006|11:51pm]
I want to climb a mountain. Not so I can get to the top — just cause I want to hang out at base camp. That seems fucking fun as shit. You sleep in a colorful tent, you grow a beard, you drink hot chocolate, you walk around… “Hey, you going to the top?” — “Soon.” -- Mitch Hedberg (RIP)

Recently on ask.metafilter.com, someone asked how to not hate winter. As a chronic and confirmed lifelong winter hater, my interest was piqued. I read through the responses eagerly, wondering what advice the collective hordes would offer with respect to the gloomiest and doomiest of seasons.

Some of the suggestions were predictably rubbish. Start snowboarding? Move to SoCal? You might as well ask me to "grow a lustrous fur coat."

Many people stressed the importance of keeping your castle warm, cozy and clean. Decorate, decorate. That was the oblique strategy inside Conor's fortune cookie. It's nice to have projects to come home to.

fig a: Liska scoffed when I registered for Magnetix. Now who's scoffing?!?!

More captivating insights on coping with winter, plus hot pixxxCollapse )
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