November 11th, 2006


(no subject)

WHOA the dems took back senate and the house? Rumsfeld resigned?
I'm getting drunk to celebrate!
I was gonna get drunk anyway but now I have a reason!
Also it's Liska's birthday. What a birthday present.
Dear Donald Rumsfeld: you should have resigned TWO YEARS AGO, you murderous arrogant evil fuck.
In a less crazy world king george would have been impeached long ago.
Instead Dems are rushing over themselves to be reconcilatory.
I understand the posturing but it bugs me that the dems are so weakened that they have to coddle up to this bastard who's never lifted a finger to meet them halfway on anything, who's flouted our nation's laws and basically said 'fuck you' to anybody who's ever disagreed with him. He's a criminal. HE SHOULD BE ON TRIAL RIGHT NOW, THAT FUCKING FUCK.
SOrry, I'm ranting.
Home soon.