October 30th, 2006


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gr33tz from wellington
it's raining, a lot, lot, lot
we are staying in cuba quarter
no cubans, lots of cafes

we were at this restaurant and one of the appetizers on the menu was "cheerios with tomato sauce." this boggled my mind. how can there be ANY society ANYWHERE where people eat cheerios with tomato sauce??!!! liska just shrugged and accepted it but i kept thinking about it as the day progressed.

later that night we were at some bar, and i asked the bartender. it turns out that in NZ, cheerios means "cocktail weenies." haha, imagine if i'd ordered them but been like "can i just get them in a bowl of milk?"

sorry i'm too tired to write crisply. today is san francisco's day after tomorrow. i wish beer was also coffee and vice versa.