October 24th, 2006


1 + 1 = 1

Got married!

Love to everyone who came out. There were a few peeps we should have invited but didn't and I apologize; love to you too.

Leaving for New Zealand on Saturday. Have to figure out how our whisperlite international stove works or we'll starve in the wild.

Towards the end of the night, Ryan played Infiltrate, as promised. It made me so happy to hear it. I'll always remember this song because the two people most into it on the dancefloor were me and Aliza's mom!

special thanks to:

Scanlon crew for bringing Diwali sparklers
Brad & PIB for careless whispers
Amma, Anna, Mom & Dad for making it all happen
Fraidy for design skills
Sarah for chuppa/flowers
Oyster Catcher crew for party favors
Mattch and Shawn for support
David for ketubah witnessing
AJ for being my panic stopper
Liz for suggesting our photographer
Ryan for great tunes
Butterflies for not chaotically causing rain
Nick for Rilke/counseling
Out of towners for flying in
Liska for being the love of my life