September 22nd, 2006


Worlds within worlds

1. I work on this app that's partially written in Javascript. Javascript runs on a virtual machine. The app has a bug that only occurs on Chinese versions of Windows XP. To track it down, I'm running Chinese XP on a virtual PC. This virtual PC is running on my work computer, which I'm using from home via remote desktop.

I am in fact running a virtual virtual virtual machine.

2. Yesterday I was working from home, and the strain of being inside on a beautiful day became too much to bear. I laced up my new hiking boots and took off for the secret hill near our house. The boots gave a real spring to my step. I practically flew up that hill. The view from the top was lovely, as always.

On the way back, I stopped at this building along the trail. Looked like a bird sanctuary but it turns out it's actually a natural science museum. The museum was closed, but the guy who let me in said I could take a look around, since the building was open for classes. He said not to miss the model railroading club in the basement.


When I got down to the basement, it was amazing. There was this HUGE model railway that took up the entire space. It was about 60 feet long and 40 feet wide, with lots of detail. Reminded me of the opening scene from Beetlejuice.

Three older looking guys were running the train, which snaked slowly round the track making that soft reassuring electric train noise. They nodded hello to me but said nothing else, lost in the depths of their hobby. The train kept on moving. It seemed like it had been there forever.