September 18th, 2006


Cholesterol bonanza

notebook, originally uploaded by jcruelty.

IN the aftermath of Alicia & Arnab's wedding this wknd (a beautiful affair)
I FINALLY had chicken & waffles, at this chicken & waffle place in oakland.
18 of us at the after-after party. Driving there was insane. Cops had cordoned off large parts of downtown oakland, flares everywhere. I think they were trying to break up sideshowz. The cops told us we should think about eating somewhere else, but fuck 5-0!!

(It's much easier to show heart now... at the time I was sobbing like a little girl, and I shouted at Az. and Brad, "I'm not gonna die over some chicken and waffles!!!")

My own wedding is 4 or 5 weeks out and me/Az. are stressed/busy like you couldn't believe. Hey has anybody been to New Zealand? If so please hit me up, I have some urgent questions.