August 12th, 2006


One task done, many to go

I just put in an order for oblique strategy fortune cookies! I wish I could have done all of the original ones, but custom fortune cookies are too expensive. I could only afford to do sixty. I might try baking some more if time permits.

Really looking forward to giving these out. I hope at least one person takes their cookie, forgets about it and then finds it later and opens it at just the moment when inspiration is needed. That would make me very happy.

The ordering form had a section for "Special Instructions." I asked them to put in an extra test cookie, so when I get them I can crack one open and follow its advice.


Do nothing for as long as possible
Do something boring
Do the washing up
Faced with a choice, do both
Just carry on
Intentions -credibility of -nobility of -humility of
Into the impossible
Is it finished?
Is there something missing?
Is the tuning appropriate?
Just carry on
Left channel, right channel, centre channel
Listen in total darkness, or in a very large room, very quietly
Listen to the quiet voice
Look at a very small object, look at its centre
Look at the order in which you do things
Look closely at the most embarrassing details and amplify them
Lowest common denominator check -single beat -single note -single riff
Make a blank valuable by putting it in an exquisite frame
Make a sudden, destructive unpredictable action; incorporate
Mechanicalize something idiosyncratic
Mute and continue
Only one element of each kind
(Organic) machinery
Overtly resist change
Put in earplugs
Remember those quiet evenings
Remove ambiguities and convert to specifics
Remove specifics and convert to ambiguities
Repetition is a form of change
Shut the door and listen from outside
Simple subtraction
Spectrum analysis
Take a break
Take away the elements in order of apparent non-importance
Tape your mouth (given by Ritva Saarikko)
The inconsistency principle
The tape is now the music
Think of the radio
Tidy up
Trust in the you of now
Turn it upside down
Twist the spine
Use an old idea
Use an unacceptable color
Use fewer notes
Use filters
Use `unqualified' people
What are you really thinking about just now? Incorporate
What is the reality of the situation?
What mistakes did you make last time?
What would your closest friend do?
What wouldn't you do?
Work at a different speed
You are an engineer
You can only make one dot at a time
You don't have to be ashamed of using your own ideas
[blank white card]