August 8th, 2006


Fortune cookies: The Reckoning

I baked fortune cookies tonight, due to overwhelming guilt. I felt bad about ordering cookies on the internet. It's antithetical to the whole spirit of Burning Man. As I & I done learned last time round, one of the best things about Burning Man is that it inspires people to be more self-reliant. This is due to the lack of commerce-- you can't pay someone to fix your bike, so you need to learn how to fix it yourself-- and also the abundance of cool DIY projects offered within the "gift economy." It's not just 1500 man-hour scupltural masterpieces, either. One of the most memorable & useful camps from 2003 was Floss Camp, where they just put up a wall with floss dispensers stuck to it. Oh man it felt good to floss.

In the spirit of DIY, I downloaded a fortune cookie recipe from the internets. It didn't seem that hard. Just mix up an egg, some corn starch, oil, water and sugar, then heat dollops of dough on a griddle at 350 degrees till golden brown. Voila! Remove from griddle, add fortune, fold over cookie, done. There was the small issue of me not knowing how hot 350 degrees was, but I figured if I turned the stove up all the way that would be about 350.

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