June 25th, 2006


I bike 45 miles and then eat a roasted pig

fig a: Pablo Esco-mar

Yesterday we went on a 45 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Palo Alto. (If you have Google Earth, check out Shawn's astounding visualization of our route.) The others were seasoned bikers, but I'd never biked any long distances before. It was a beautiful ride, from the mysterious fog of San Francisco through the trails along reservoirs to South Bay. The sun came out and it felt like a perfect use of a perfect day, except that by the end, my leg muscles were dying and my head felt like a helium balloon.

In the evening Az. and I went to Jason's house. His roommate had roasted a pig. Mike and Kunal met up with us and we talked of this and that. I asked Chris (the roommate pig roaster) if it was ok to eat the head. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the head of the pig was sitting on a paper plate on the dining room table with an apple in its mouth. Earlier in the evening a girl had told me the snout is a delicacy, and I repeated this fact to everyone before being informed by same girl that she made it up.

After some egging on, Mike picked up the head and took a bite of the snout! He spit it out promptly. He said it was mostly cartilage. Oh for a camera.

We were supposed to go to another party but the ride was catching up with me and instead I dropped everyone off and crawled into bed. I tried smoking chr0n but was too tired to even feel it. I'm still tired today.

Got to be focused, got to work. Why hath the lord and/or chaotic butterflies chosen today to be so sunny and nice?. Got to hunker down, do some programming, finish my obscure candy bar reviews. It's been difficult to sustain interest; when I told Az. I was reviewing unpopular candy bars, she asked, "why?" And I didn't really have a good answer.

Julie's been visiting all week, and she leaves tomorrow. She was in town to screen her movie Boy I Am at the gay and lesbian film festival. It's a documentary about 3 trans-men (women becoming men) who opt for breast removal surgery. The screening went really well and she did a great Q&A. I was so proud of her!

fig b: Julie, of whom I am proud

We're kind of ready to have our house back though... Lina was visiting last weekend and Shawn crashed on Friday and Arnab/Alicia needed to get dressed/showered for their wedding this Saturday, and basically our place has been a hostel for a while now. I'm happy we can hook up our friends and happy to see them for sure, but a certain amount of space is needed for sanity. This upcoming week will be spacious I guess... except Az's mom is coming next wknd and we're doing lots of wedding planning.

Life is great, I just need some room to breathe. That's why one of my 3 wishes has always been to be able to stop time, like the girl from that old tv show "Out of this World," or the guy in that Nicholson Baker novel Fermata. Admittedly, that bloke used his time-stopping power to look up women's dresses and act generally creepy. But trust me, my reasons for wanting to stop time are not in the least pervy. (Maybe his weren't either... at first.)