May 9th, 2006


More thoughts on Columbine

I played more Super Columbine Massacre RPG yesterday. After Dylan and Eric kill themselves, they end up in hell... which ironically resembles the video game Doom. You spend lots of time wandering around blasting demon imps & demon soldiers & whatnot, building up XP, and then you end up on the "Island of Lost Souls." On this island you run into:

Jon-Benet Ramsey (why would she be in hell?)
Darth Vader
Bart Simpson
A samurai who committed seppuku (in hell because didn't accept Christ in his life)
Malcolm X (in hell because he's didn't accept Christ in his life)
Robert Oppenheimer (ok, I can see the case for this one, though I disagree)
John Lennon (why would he be in hell?)
etc. etc.

Not yet clear what you're supposed to do after finding the island.

The school massacre portion of the game contains lots of flashbacks where you see Dylan & Eric's miserable life at Columbine. They're bullied by jocks constantly, don't have many friends, develop a hatred of conventional morality & religion... pretty standard fare for a lot of teenagers nationwide. But the game doesn't really answer the question (and maybe it can't-- maybe all it can do is pose it) of why these kids in particular would snap and go on a rampage. I mean lots of kids are bullied in high school, but most of them just find other outlets and eventually get the fuck out and realize that the best revenge is living well. What is it that tips someone over the edge? Biology? Parents? Where does evil come from? What does "evil" even mean?

It really makes me wonder just how bad the bullying at Columbine really wast. Over at, Mark Ames put up a scathing, scabrous indictment of one of Columbine's worst bullies-- Columbine's Most Wanted. You didn't see so much discussion of that side of things in the news coverage that followed the massacre, with the exception of the Onion. As usual, they cut to the heart of the matter. Sept. 8th, 1999: Columbine Jocks Safely Resume Bullying.