May 5th, 2006


Whistle While You Twurk*

When you hit your late 20's, all your friends start to get married. I'd complain about this, but I'm part of the problem. I started thinking about bachelor parties today. There's at least 3 on the horizon-- mine, Arnab's and Urvish's. I went to my first bachelor party last year, in Las Vegas, and it was surprisingly fun.

fig a: setting things on fire is one of the key elements of a successful bachelor party

This year, Arnab Urvish & I are considering combining all our parties into one. From one of Arnab's many emails on the subject:

"Our scene could definitely be made into a movie about three young Indian men getting married. dealing with culture clash, career, and maturing into responsible men (of course actors will play these parts.) There will be the perfunctory scenes where we're all young hard-working professionals, but we bring it down a notch and talk about relationships at the basketball court and look forward to visiting the local Indian store hangout (to be shot at Vik's Chaat House in Berkeley) to have our aunties tease us, squeeze our cheeks, and eventually slap us (auntie #1 to be played by Amar's mom). We could also work in a scene where one of us is dating Jhumpa know that scene....where the guy is an IT-nerd and the girl is hot and has a career in the liberal arts (yes, she's Bengali but by being a writer she devastates societal expectations...but she also can cook real well.) I call it "The Three Dosas."

fig b: Jhumpa "Jumpshot" Lahiri, whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Although it's sure to be nutty fun, my enthusiasm for the bachelor-weekend-in-Vegas thing is tempered by the fact that I hate Las Vegas. When Aliza and I went a couple of weeks ago, we literally didn't leave my parent's house once the whole time we were there. As I mentioned a while back, all things I cared about in Las Vegas are long gone. I don't have many friends there anymore and I'm not that into gambling. As for strip clubs, there's better ones in Houston/Dallas and ATL (or so I hear.) So what's my motivation, cheap shrimp cocktails? Hoover Dam?

I think what I'd like do is go to Vegas with the boys, but also plan some kind of camping trip-- maybe to Joshua Tree?-- and invite whoever wants to come along to that. We can set things on fire, beat a drum... I dunno, do whatever dudes are supposed to do? I've never been that into male bonding. I don't play sports, I'm not into cars. I like hanging out with girls and boys alike. Oh, we could smoke pot and nerd out about music! That's a pretty guy thing to do. Out there under the stars-- it could be really fun.

* I don't know what "whistle while you twurk" means but I think it relates to strip clubs