May 4th, 2006


Hey, I totally know that guy from the bathroom line!

Did you know that Wednesday is the new Thursday? I didn't get this memo, but it must be true, because we went out last night and it seemed like the whole city was out & about. We caught a great set from James Holden at this tiny SOMA bar, Anu, and then later on we went to BOCA to see Mylo. It was a typical Blasthaus event: great music, ridiculously crowded, no ventilation, one (1) bathroom. The bathroom line was a scene in and of itself.

We ran into Nick, Katherine and Ben on the dancefloor. Running into friends unexpectedly on the dancefloor is one of life's great pleasures.

When we were in Goa last year, the ONLY music I liked the entire time we were there was some CD that was playing at a little shack on one of the beaches. A few weeks ago we went to Deena's house for dinner and I heard the same music-- it was Mylo. I'll post one of his songs later. Apparently his latest US LP is full of rereleased stuff that was popular years ago in Europe. I don't know what's popular there right now... probably some 23rd century progressive glockenspiel type shit. Anyway, if you like Daft Punk you'd probably like Mylo. His album is called "Destroy Rock and Roll," and I recommend it. (Both the album and the sentiment.)