April 8th, 2006


You can't keep a tall Jew down!

A few weeks ago, I was sitting outside Tartine drinking coffee, when I saw a freakishly tall young man walking towards me. He was wearing a sandwich board that said "RAP-O-GRAMS - 6'7" TALL JEW WILL RAP FOR YOU." Naturally I stopped him and asked how much a rap-o-gram cost. He said "it varies," which I think was code for "whatever I can cadge from you." I asked what he could do for $5 and he said he'd freestyle on a topic of my choice. The topic I chose was: coffee. (It was too early in the morning to be creative.)

How was his freestyling? Let's just say that this particular freestyle did not threaten to end Biggie Smalls's reign as greatest of all time. It sounded like something you'd hear at an open mic poetry night. But I didn't care, because the mere existence of this guy was worth $5.


The joy of recycling

Back in the days when Angi and I lived together, she took an art history class, and sometimes she'd come home from the lectures and tell me about cool artists. One of them was a guy named Harrell Fletcher. His website features an interesting list of art ideas. They're basically notebook jottings that he hasn't gotten around to doing. Every once in a while I look at this list and think about using one of the ideas. Last week I finally did. The idea I took was: "Tear out all of the pages of a book or magazine that I don't like."

The book I chose to mutilate was "Wedding Vows," by Someone Or Other. It's one of the 10,000 cheesy wedding books Az & I somehow acquired after getting engaged. I ended up only leaving in two pages. The pages I left contain a poem by Frank O'Hara. I wrote a new title on the cover and gave it to Az.