April 7th, 2006


Things I like about "Bottom of the Map" by Young Jeezy

1. The crazy skeletal beat. Song launches right into it. It sounds like the echoes of someone banging on a sheet of metal.

2. The mad bounce when bass kicks in

3. The ravey synths that come in around 0:25. They're played out... no, they're dope... it's like that optical phenomenon where you see a cube "popping" back and forth between two equally valid configurations, except you're hearing synths pop between cool and wack.

fig a: this is the cube I was talking about. How many other reviews of hip-hop singles have COMPLICATED MATHEMATICAL DIAGRAMS!! what time it is?

4. The way Young Jeezy says "Young Jizzle", not quite a sing-song intonation but almost

5. The way he says "Heyyyyyyyyy" (inescapably cool)

6. The way he repeats "the" in the chorus -- "I do it for the trappers with the, the, the rocks"

7. The melodic bassline, almost subliminal, that plays during the verses. I find myself cranking up the volume louder and louder but that bassline remains strangely muffled. How does he get that sound?

Young Jeezy - Bottom of the Map
Def Jam, 2005

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