March 26th, 2006


"Arrhythmia" is hard to spell

I threw away a bunch of old cd covers today. I'd thrown out the jewel cases long ago, but I figured I'd save the cd booklets in case I ever got an urge to check the liner notes for some album. This never, ever happened.

As I was throwing away the covers, it struck me how lame most of them looked. I think part of the reason I never got that into CD artwork is that the space is just too small to appreciate details. One of main things lost in the transition from vinyl to CDs (well, now to mp3s) was space for art. We traded a relatively large canvas for a little paper pamphlet. At the scale of a CD cover, 90% of album art is not worth viewing.

Anyway, I did hold on to a few favorites. Richie Hawtin gets props for a simple, elegant design philosophy coupled with a sense of humor. Check out Sheet One:

note: experiments have determined this is not actually a blotter sheet

Here's another Plastikman cover-- notable because the symbol is embossed. That spastik dancer icon always struck a chord with me.

Finally, here's the cover to some random Oakland avant-percussion compilation. This one's nice because it has a gold foil finish that glints in the light.


Farewell physical artifacts, it's the end of an era.