January 12th, 2006


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Back from a few days in Vizag, AKA Visakhapatnam, AKA "V by tha Sea..." Not to toot my own horn, but I made up that last one myself.

Vizag is actually by the Bay of Bengal, not any particular sea. My mom says when she was living there, India was briefly at war with Pakistan, and one time a Pakistani submarine stuck into the bay and fired a missile at the Vizag port. The sonic boom woke her up in the middle of the night. The sub subsequently sank, and a big piece of the recovered wreckage is on display at the maritime museum. We went there and I stood looking at it, imagining what it would be like to die in a submarine. War museums are weird because all the weapons and military roles are abstracted and idealized-- you're meant to marvel at the technological feats, the size of the warships, the sailors in crisp uniforms-- but death is absent even though it seems like the overwhelming essence of war. I try to remind myself of this, but still can get swept away by the sheer beauty of fighter jets and aircraft carriers.

I bought an engagement ring for Az., finally-- we found a cool three piece ring with diamonds that form a flower. I like it because it's more in the Indian style than the Western, which tends towards big solitaires. Diamonds look cool in the sunshine. (This is probably not the most trenchant observation ever made, but it's true.)

Vizag was pretty & hilly & more interesting than Mangalore, but I am being attacked by a fleet of mosquitoes & better get out of here before my blood ends up in a mosquito wartime museum. In a few days we're flying back to San Francisco, where I have a lot to do in the sadly single day before I start work again.

1. Eat a cheeseburger & fries & salad (Sweet, sweet salad... would never think I'd miss it but after 3 weeks of being afraid to eat vegetables, I've been having erotic dreams about ruffage)

2. Have a beer at Zeitgeist