December 24th, 2005


Some more discoveries - best of 2005

New Pornographers - The Bones of an Idol
Matador, 2005

Pinback - Fortress
Touch & Go, 2004

Ok I admit that last one was not from 2005. Also I have been drinking Chimay, in a wine glass because it's fancy beer.

Where can you get DEET cheap?

Tonight we had dinner with Jason & Hong. Jason's back from Belize. He's an odd duck. He parties all the time, but somehow manages to maintain a photography/design business that lets him travel all over the globe. His lifestyle seems unsustainable, but whenever we see him he's flush with good health. His tribe page tells a partial story of his recent adventures. (Tribe is like myspace and friendster. But different... somehow... presumably.)

Birthday boy

I have to pee. But I will hold it in, forever.


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I'm finishing up Out of Sheer Rage (Geoff Dyers's failed attempt to write a "sober, academic study of D.H. Lawrence.") It's a funny book. The author's personality really shines through.

But that, of course is why I was interested in writing a book about Lawrence: to enable me to pass into the realm of complete disinterest. Lawrence said that one sheds one's sickness in books; I would say that one sheds one's interest. Once I have finished this book on Lawrence, depend upon it, I will have no interest in him whatsoever. One begins writing a book about something because one is interested in that subject; one finishes writing a book in order to lose interest in that subject; the book itself is a record of this transition.

If I didn't write this book I would probably go on being interested in Lawrence for the rest of my days. He would gnaw away at me. I would always be curious about
Women in Love, would always be looking out for new books about Lawrence, would always be making notes about Lawrence or thinking that I might one day write a book about him, whereas once I have finished this book -- if I can force myself to retain interest in Lawrence for long enough to complete it -- Lawrence will become a closed book for me. That's what I look forward to: no longer having anything to do with Lawrence.
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