December 17th, 2005


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Cosmo and Sandeep were djing at this house party tonight. Even though I didn't know the people throwing the party, I went-- by myself, since Az. is in NYC on business. I don't go out as much anymore on my own, but it makes it feel like more of an adventure when I do. I get anxious about meeting strangers but then usually have a good time when I go.

I danced a lot when I was there. At times I was the only person dancing, which usually makes me feel self-conscious and weird, but tonight didn't. It was much better music than you normally hear at house parties. Unless you hate techno, in which case it was much worse.

Hearing Cos & D made me nostalgic for renegade days.

Somebody brought a model train set, and it ran all night around the kitchen table.

One funny moment-- I was standing in the kitchen talking to some people, and the wheels were slowly turning in my head... and then finally I blurted out, "Is this a theme party?" It was. The theme was "Mr. Rogers and Mrs. Robinson," which FIRST OF ALL in my opinion is a rather poor theme for a party, and SECONDLY was not communicated clearly in the email. I'd noticed that certain guys were wearing vests or cardigans, but I'd just assumed they were bankers or something. One of them said to me, "this isn't my hair." HAHA I totally thought it was.

I look forward to this time of year, because it's when all the critical Top Ten lists come out. You can get turned on to a lot of good stuff that way. Of course, you also realize how much critics are riding each other's jocks. While it's possible they're finding the best albums out there, it's more likely that they're finding the best albums liked by other critics. This doesn't really bother me though. It's an impossible task to sift through everything, so why not start with things recommended by friends? We all do this & I think we're all critics to some degree.

This site collates all the Best Of Year lists as they appear, and is possibly the best thing ever.

One of the albums that showed up in a lot of lists was Demon Days, the new one from Gorillaz. They're an interesting group, because they're virtual. A cartoon band. I remember the thrill I felt when I first heard that Damon Albarn was doing a track with Del tha Funkee Homosapien. It didn't turn out to be that good, but I loved Blur and I love hip hop so I felt like it was a sign of good things to come. Fast forward to the 2nd album, where he collaborates with MF Doom! Some rappers are like hot sauce-- they can spice up any track. Busta Rhymes & MF Doom both fall in that category.

Production on Demon Days switched from Dan the Automator to Danger Mouse, but the songs are catchy as ever. One of the bouncier ones is "DARE." I like when she says "hold it down!" I say that too.

Gorillaz - DARE
EMI Records (UK) (boo! hiss!), 2005