December 4th, 2005


Karoake birthday party ends in Santarchy

Does anybody else use their livejournal interest list as a motivational tool? It's wintertime, my least favorite season, and a chill has settled in my bones. My hibernation instincts are kicking in. But I think to myself, "I list 'racquetball' as an interest, so I should go play racquetball. And I list 'riding my bike' as an interest, so I should bike there instead of driving." I don't know, maybe I should have a winter interest list and a summer interest list. The winter list would be simply:

sleeping in, eggnog, doing nothing, avoiding racquetball

Oh pardon me the tea kettle is shrieking.


Ok now I have some Darjeeling brewing. It's the champagne of teas, much like Miller High Life is the champagne of piss-evoking watery domestics. I let it sit for exactly four minutes, then add a tiny bit of milk and copious sugar.

I should get dressed and take off by 12:30 if I'm going to bike over to Koret. Waking up at noon doesn't leave a lot of time for livejournal and tea. We stayed out later than intended last night at Alex's surprise 30th birthday party. His friends set it up as a "karoake bar mitzvah." I'd been to karoake bars one or twice before, but this time was more fun than in the past. They led Alex in a 9pm with a paperbag over his head, bringing him through the amassed tittering crowd up to the front stage. Then they pulled off the bag and immediately thrust him into a karoake situation. The song they picked was You're the Inspiration by Chicago. It was funny to hear Alex sing it because he's a classically trained tenor and he has a great voice, plus he really put his hips into it.

His friend Julie had flown in for the party & she burst out of a cardboard cake a little bit later on. shit I'm gonna be late for Koret, I have to go. Oh but I have to mention, the Cacophony Society Santa Claus bar crawl also ended up at our same karoake bar later that night! It was surreal. I remember saying to Toma, "is it just me or has there been a sharp increase in the number of people wearing santa claus outfits in the last 15 minutes?"