November 21st, 2005


I berate you for your failure to appreciate "the jam"

Hey you guys downloaded that Arthur Russell tune I put up, right? If not why not? That shit is the jam! Don't you like good things? (This is an old joke from when Julie & I were in Chile. We arrived in some town and there were all these people there trying to get us to stay in their guest houses. We followed one guy who claimed to have a conveniently located bungalow, and he led us way the fuck out to the edge of town. The place was a rathole. When we politely demurred, he got all mad and said (in Spanish) "What's wrong with you?! You don't like good things!!" For the rest of the trip, we were always like, "You know what our problem is? We just don't like good things.")

This weekend my boo threw us a combined bday / conversion party. Her bday is the 11th and mine is the 29th, so we split the difference. We rented out Peter's huge camo bus and drove around town... started off in Golden Gate Park near the new DeYoung museum, which incidentally is BEAUTIFUL-- I can't believe people are dissing it! I'm not a modernist groupie but I think it's perfectly situated & the inverted shape is great-- and then hit a couple of surprise locations, Dolores Park where our amigos had a birthday cake and candles set up in the darkness, then somewhere in the Haight where a Viking Lady boarded the bus and sang me a singing telegram and made me chug a Budweiser. (This is an ancient Viking torture technique.)

My favorite part of the trip was when we stopped at Treasure Island and went rollerskating. We borrowed a bunch of skates from Nick and everybody rolled around in the balmy night. Peter's soundsystem was cranking and the view of the Bay Bridge was spectacular. We were reluctant to leave but finally hopped back on and danced our way home. The bus had a nice dancefloor but the taller members of our party kept bumping their heads.

Sat: dazed & confused

Sun: biked over to the opening of The Flock at Civic Center. It's this big tall sculpture that looks like a multi-legged beast. Photos to follow. Funding came from the blackrock arts foundation. I'm really happy to see large-scale Burning Man art projects spreading into San Francisco. First there was the temple by David Best, now this... I think it's great that these things can be seen by everybody in the city and not just people in the desert for a week. It's good to direct some of that energy to the places where we live, make it a year round thing. Viva public art!

In the evening we had dinner with Tanya and Blake. It's nice to be making some new friends. Az. tends to like everybody, so for her this is easy, but a lot of times when I meet new people, the conversation just goes nowhere. It's very mysterious to me how with some people I can talk forever and with others I have to consciously think of things to say. It's like a chemical reaction.

PS am I the only who thinks "Is It All Over My Face" sounds dirty? I don't think it's meant that way in the song though.