November 18th, 2005


Space-time rut

Last night I drove home at dusk. The sky was a beautiful gradient of blue fading into orange

I passed under a highway overpass (the same one I always pass under).

The on-ramp looked like a dinosaur's tail (like it always does).

Red lights were blinking on as the world got darker. I looked at the sky & felt something in my heart.

I imagined waking up to African savanna (like every other day)

I thought of my friend Craig, in Gambia. He says you can see a million stars out there, but the Gambians don't look. They believe that each star is a person and if you find your star, you die.

Dusk is my favorite hour. The shadows come alive with possibilities

I passed a billboard that said "denial of service denied"
it used to say "the network ate the worm"

I passed a billboard that said "Take the road less traveled"
Kaiser Permanente, it's like you read my mind.