November 7th, 2005


I am about to get off the goddamned computer, seriously

fig a: me & a banana

Livejournal is an unproductive habit. Why do I find it so addictive? So many entomologists, artists and burners to waste time on. I was browsing through the LJ Burning Man community earlier-- felt quite nostalgic as I read about gigantic mobile flowers and motorized pac men chasing ghosts... I think back to when I met Az. out there in the dusty desert, the things we saw & did... and 3.5 years later I am sitting here reading Exodus! READING THE BIBLE FOR CRISSAKES!!

Today I was at this hipster cafe on Valencia, and every person there was tapping away at a laptop. I was the only one reading Torah. It felt strangely cool. I can mostly decipher Hebrew now.

I made channa for a potluck we went to tonight. The secret ingredient is tamarind concentrate. Also "love." Dishes are strewn through the kitchen and I've been meaning to clean up for the last hour... but instead I've been browsing through people's LJ interests. It turns out that people who list "other people's interests" as an interest are on the whole not that interesting.

Remind me to tell you about jewelry, running into Gavin Newsom, etc. Also don't forget to vote on Tuesday. Now, back to studying.

fig b: it's worth it.