October 23rd, 2005


I sign on to review 'Bat Boy Lives'

A while back, Cosmo convinced me to get off my ass and write to popmatters.com. They were looking for writers, and I applied to be a book critic. They said "ok, you can review something if you want," and then put me on the mailing list that lists what books are available. Nothing really caught my eye until yesterday, when I saw a posting for Bat Boy Lives! : The WEEKLY WORLD NEWS Guide to Politics, Culture, Celebrities, Alien Abductions, and the Mutant Freaks that Shape Our World. Somehow this spoke to me. I signed on to review it, and my review is due 3 weeks from when I receive the book.

Fig a: boy appears to have bat-like characteristics

I'm curious about the history of the Weekly World News. Clearly it's satirical, but did they start out making fun of tabloids? Did they accidentally stumble onto that path? There's an editorial email on their website-- maybe I should send them some questions.

One thought I had was to discuss W.W.N. in the context of the Grand Guignol. I don't know much about it beyond the idea that it was 'theatre of the horrors' in Paris past... I guess I should click on my own link. It seems like W.W.N. is also theatre of the horrors, but perhaps with a campy knowingness that Grand Guignol lacked.

Need to look into Batboy: The Musical

I checked on amazon to see if anyone's said anything interesting about the book. My favorite review:

***** (5 stars)
The information we really need, December 4, 2002
Reviewer: A magazine reader
There's lots of mumbo jumbo out their about the stock market and such, but lets be honest, what we really want to hear about is the worlds smartest ape and his adventures in college.


A partial list of foods I dislike

Raw tomatoes
Sun dried tomatoes
Nuts (peanuts ok)
Clams (clam chowder ok)
Sweet potatoes
Black licorice
Fried / poached / hardboiled eggs