October 12th, 2005




Let the not eating begin!

I don't know what "what it dew" means, but rappers from Houston say it a lot. When Mondro came out here he gave me Whut It Dew 2. Parts of it are pretty good, but the misogyny's off the charts. I prefer music I can listen to around my mom, my girlfriend or any of the other women in my life. The thing about these rappers talking about hoes and bitches is-- you can't just chastise them without chastising all the boys like me buying their tapes. What about the audience? The responsibility's shared.

I remember when Kim Deal from the Breeders said she thought Dr. Dre's music was sexy... was she just talking about the beats? The frisson of danger? Surely not "bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks."

It's weird that I like hip hop music so much... unclear what exactly made me such a fanboy. I've been this way as long as I can remember. Always have lyrics in my head I can't sing aloud-- hard to say "nigga" without feeling weird. But no matter what inconsistencies, the sheer exuberance & energy of my favorite artists keeps me coming back... the sonic inventiveness, electronic music just as much as techno or IDM or what have you... Mannie Fresh is surely the equal of Richard D. James.

Rick is always sending out these great songs... go here to check Sway's Thief's Theme Freestyle. I love the US disses... "The pound is stronger than the dolla! HOLLA!"

I think to start posting again, I have to be willing to write whatever.