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I discuss styrofoam hummer by andrew junge [12 Aug 2005|06:19am]

My nose is stuffed. It's 6:19 AM. A while back we went to the Sunset Scavenger junk yard to see an art show. This guy had built a styrofoam hummer. List price was $69,990. Low mileage, always garaged.

Sunset Scavenger junk yard has an artist in residence program. They have a sculpture garden tour as well (all sculptures made out of junk over the years by the various artists in residence) and I've been wanting to go for the longest time, but you can only do the tour on the third Saturday of every month, by appointment only.

Nevertheless, Anne-- I did make it to Sunset Scavenger! So mission semi accomplished.

What is this Styrofoam hummer saying? A commentary on how we don't care about moving away from oil dependency? Isn't styrofoam made from oil? How can it be so late?

Interviewed at a cool company this week; excited about the potential opportunity. Everything's up in the air right now. So much more I wish I could say.

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