February 2nd, 2005


I give props to "Mr. Clean" by Viktor Vaughn aka MF Doom aka Kinga aka... etc etc..

I just learned today that there's a video for "Mr. Clean", one of my favorite MF DOOM tunes! "Mr. Clean" came out under his alias Viktor
Vaughn, although confusingly, in the song he claims to be "Kinga,
Vaughn's younger brother... a real life swinger who rock Louis
Vuitton pleather." Yes, pleather, not leather. See how much you can learn from hip-hop? I didn't even know pleather was a real word until I heard this song.

"Mr. Clean" comes from the album Vaudeville
a highwater mark in the hip hop canon & must-have for anyone
who liked Madvillainy. Vaudeville Villain sports some of Doom's
finest verbal gymnastics ever, wedded to unusually abstract, IDM-style
tracks. Still head-noddin' shit though. A fanboys wet dream.