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I observe the commodification of dissent [07 Oct 2004|12:28am]

Ok, one last note about this year's Resfest. It really sums up my problem with the whole thing. I was paging through the program guide, when I came to the page listing this year's feature films. One of the films is The Corporation, a documentary that explores the myriad ways in which corporations behave like psychopathic personalities. Among other things, the film documents how corporations make insidious use of PR firms to disseminate brand identities and lies that bolster their standing in the public eye, while papering over their truly heinous deeds.

Anyway, almost every page in the Resfest guide is festooned with commercial logos, and the feature film page is no different. At the bottom of the page, it says "PRESENTED BY: FUEL 24/7 ACTION SPORTS TV." Fuel 24/7 is Fox's new cable sports station.

That's right.


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I hit 66666 on the odometer [07 Oct 2004|07:56pm]

just hit 66666 on the odometer!

wouldn't it be cool if, when you hit certain numbers, your glove box popped open and coins spilled out?

right now i'm purging music from my ipod... it feels so good to let go. goodbye john coltrane! i never listened to you anyway! goodbye constantines! you sucked!

i tend to keep stuff even if i'm not into it, simply because there's so much storage space. also i have that residual KTRU mentality, where esoteric and diverse musical taste somehow equates to being a worthwhile person. it took a while to acknowledge that my musical tastes actually aren't that wide-ranging... and that's no big deal.

on that note, goodbye FENNESZ/O'ROURKE/REHBERG! and good riddance!

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