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silverback gorilla

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Puke green vs altoids minty green vs pistachio [01 Jul 2004|10:25am]

Last night different emotions - first gratitude for great friends, BIG ups to Arnab / Alicia / Shawn / Cosmo / David / Rachel / Andy / Jay, who all came through in the last few days to help with tedious painting tasks... then depression when I started thinking the colors we'd picked were ugly. For some reason we went with different shades of green that have been variously described as "Altoids minty-green", "pistachio" and (by me) "the color of someone about to be sick." Mainly what pitched me over the edge was the unfortunate shade of yellow Az. got for trim, which clashes pretty bad with aforementioned puke-green. It's not really her fault though; it's hard to know how a color will look on the wall vs in the paint bucket. Anyway we'll redo it in white and when the furniture's in and the foam fuzzy fingers and pinhole portraits and other decorating devices line the walls, everything will be better.

To all our friends who didn't help paint: YOU'RE OFF THE A-LIST!! (Just kidding. You were never on the A-List.)

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