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silverback gorilla

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Jay-Z gets pummelled at Slide Ranch [01 Jun 2004|05:45pm]

at slide ranch this weekend we heard some punishing remixes of "dirt off your shoulder." normally "artist x vs artist y" just means a mashup but in this case it was truly a battle, with jay-z struggling to spit verse as the tracks transmuted, skipped, popped and glitched into cacaphony more akin to heavy metal than dance music. i quite liked it. having expected only standard SF house, we instead got a full dose of bay area laptop freakery.

judging from the amount of dust in our tent, we probably hadn't used it since burning man. i woke up sneezing violently. the ocean was crashing against black rocks and i looked out west, trying to see hawaii, sipping tecate at 9 in the morning and already feeling the weekend slide away.

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