October 3rd, 2003


Work work work

The days are blurring together, as they always do at a certain point in the software cycle. 'Crunch mode'. Every morning I wake up, walk from 17th and Valencia to BART, read the Times for 45 minutes, get off at Walnut Creek, go to work. Every evening I take Walnut Creek BART, sleep for 45 minutes, get off at 16th & Mission, go home. Over and over. I'm wearing a rut into space-time. I can't think of anything to say. I've been here before and I jumped away into the unknown, and I came back for lack of vision. I need a vision. In the meantime I will take what pleasure I can in architecture, construction, and the intensity of focus that comes when a large group of people devote themselves wholeheartedly to a task of great significance. Or no significance at all. It's the sequel to the best selling game of all time, but how much that matters depends on where you're standing.