September 22nd, 2003


Wrap-up (endless cataloging of experience)

As usual life is moving too fast. This will be one of those "dear me, here are things you did when you were younger" entries.


1) Nick's club opened a few weekends back, so Az. and I
went up with him and Erin to check out the opening party.
I mainly enjoyed being able to say "I'm going to this club
my friend designed." A typical conversation from the day:

Somebody: Nice weather we're having.

Me: Yes... wish I could stay to enjoy it, but I'm going to this club my friend designed.

Somebody: Right now? It's noon!

Me: No, tonight, but... I'm just sayin...

2) Cat is going back to Australia, so she and Jason had
a going-away party. Cat is like a den mother; so loveable.
She was stressed when I saw her, and I felt bad, but still
the party was fun. Jason gave us an art tour of his house.
He works in 5,000 different media-- everything from plaster
molds of faces to balsa wood sculptures to painting
to lithography to sculpture.

3) Milk bar w/ Rachel & Andy - I was astounded by all
the cuties. Though resfest still takes the cake for
most young attractive hipsters per square foot. I like
Rachel & Andy; they are sensibly wild.


1) Went to this inclusive synagogue w/ Az

2) The divine rhythm society thing (ember) was later that same night. It was
both inspiring and a bit off-putting. Drugs were involved
so maybe it's not fair to judge. A thoughtful night
that had some episodes of terror and quite a bit of
reflection. I thought about my disbelief in god and
what that means with respect to synagogues, children,


1) American Splendor was great, and has figured into my thoughts
greatly of late. We all exist on this critical continuum, myself included.
In this journal I play at criticism the way children play at dressing up.
But this playing is a serious business, if that makes any sense.

2) Resfest was alright, I liked the Spike Jonze rarities the best.

3) Chris invited me to this furniture exhibition down the block from our
house. I didn't see him there but did run into Sasha. Her friend
had done my favorite piece-- a dining table with elaborate patterns
of thread sewn into it.


1) bonfire on the beach

2) hurling life of pi against the wall because it is trite poppycock

3) chad visited, interesting to see him vs. journal him.

4) chasing shawn around a virtual warehouse trying to smash his head in with a crowbar-- surprisingly fun

5) work, the white elephant in the room. i don't talk about work much because people from work
read this journal and even if they didn't , what would i say? things are getting stressful but for now,
this is the course i'm on. Trying to step up and cover all the bases. hours getting longer.

Plus some other stuff I'm probably forgetting. Anyway the brush is now cleared.


Going to see Radiohead tomorrow. My current ranking of radiohead albums:

1. Amnesiac

2. Hail to the Thief

3. The Bends

4. OK Computer

5. Kid A

6. Pablo Honey

Feel free to disagree, although you are wrong. All I have to say is, if there has to be a biggest band in the world, you could do a lot worse than Radiohead.