August 13th, 2003


I prepare for burning man (part 2 of ???)

I been scrapin away at my bike frame , then comes the primer, then comes krylon yellow. Then comes the 10 gauge red/white/green/blue , 4 wooden dowels, plus the aforementioned EL. in an attempt to melt ladies and gentlemen into pools of quivering sex, i am festooning, bejeweling, bedazzling, and even sewing. YES SEWING, although i have to get az. to pre-knot the string once it's passed through the needle. faux fur in abundance.

i am stressing about the ride down; i wish someone would just say 'yes we can help you out'. nobody has enough space, everybody is dithering, and i am still in search of an answer.

at night i have bad dreams about work. in the day i do 40 minutes on the elliptical machines (for a change; i heard the treadmills hurt your joints) whilst listening to jane's addiction. in my world perry farrell is a gypsy , surrounded by believers in a fictional god.

i had a dad

he was big and strong

i turned around

i found my daddy gone