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silverback gorilla's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
silverback gorilla

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shoehorn, world of hurt [30 Apr 2003|05:34pm]

I am reaching the limits, got this bug I can't figure out. Can't get any closer to the machine. It feels like my brain is pushing against my temples.

Last weekend was one of the best ever, but often when fun things happen I don't feel like recording them. We watched Shaolin Soccer @ Mitch/Lara's place, went for a hike w/ Patricia/Matt in Tilden Park, ate pho, set it off at various night spots. "Vinyl" at Club 6 = lame MTV jams, but the Top is always reliable. Broken beat sounds nice when you're sorted for e's and wizz.

Did some yoga on Sunday. I'm cross training I guess. Thinking "sex drugs and rock n roll" isn't as good as "sex drugs and techno," or even "sex drugs and dub." On second thought, make mine "sex drugs and a piña colada."

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