March 22nd, 2003


north carolina


This is a special entry featuring both me and Jenny Tsui. We're in NC right now visting matt. Jenny, would you like to say hello?


Hmm. I see this will be a productive and fruitful collaboration.

Matt just came in from the shower. He's dripping wet. What a hunk! Hubba hubba. He has a hairier chest than me. But I'm still all man. Matt, would you like to say hello?

"My penis is bigger than a mushroom."

I refuse to comment on that statement. THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER!!


we impulse-buy five pounds millet (hulled)

we went shopping at the co-op where matt works and were hilariously stymied in our attempts to do some impulse shopping. this is probably because we were in the bulk foods aisle. here are some of the exciting offerings we had to choose from:

  • nutritional yeast (LARGE FLAKE)
  • textured vegetable protein
  • millet (hulled)
  • small dog biscuits
  • barley
  • oat groats
  • flax (ooh! flax!)