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silverback gorilla

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rez, one big trip, mad max [13 Feb 2003|07:34pm]

goin to hear triet/gavin tonight. the three times i've been to 1015 have been a mixed bag, but at least tonight the music will be good. uberzone's playing too. sandeep used to cane "botz" back in the day... good memories of him spinning up in the tower during thunderstorms.

i tried to write about rez but i don't think it achieves its goals and the whole thing got boring to discuss. remind me to make fun of "synesthesia", or at least to look up how it's spelled.

fig a: jacking into the data core, or something

also watched mad-max backwards at high speed (in this modern age there is no time to watch things at normal speed, let alone forwards) and finally popped in jay's copy of one big trip, which more than anything convinced me that drugs are not the answer to any big question. i have indigestion.

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