December 5th, 2002


more complaining about salad

If I ever become a mad bomber, the first place I'm gonna bomb is motherfucking Cafe Giacosa. It's the only eating establishment within walking distance of my office in the Nut, so I'm forced to eat there when I forget my lunch. But their food is SO NASTY. Vegetarian options are limited to veggie burger, salad, hummus sandwich or soup, and let me tell you, the only way any of these options would be appealing is if you'd just spent the last month marooned on a desert island subsisting on a diet of rats and gruel. Giacosa's "salad bar" consists mainly of soggy lettuce and beets, the hummus in the hummus sandwich is so excruciatingly lemon-y and foul that it is literally impossible to choke it down, and the veggie burger is a lifeless grey patty ensconced in a bun. Today, hoping against hope that the fourth choice might prevail, I got the lentil and noodle soup. Surprise surprise, it tastes like cardboard and water mixed together in a blender by Lunchlady Doris.

Where did these people learn to cook so bad? BOMBS BOMBS BOMBS


i am caught by surprise

ignore the rancor of that last entry. i am overall in a great mood today, thanks in large part to the events of yesterday.

last night the plan was to meet up with shawn and triet for our weekly drinks at 26 mix. we've been going there on wednesdays because they have dollar beers and free pool. given that it's only a half block from my house, it would be criminally insane NOT to go.

triet met me at my place around 10. shawn was running late, but he said he'd meet us there. so we headed over, and when i walked in shawn was standing at the bar. i said hi, and as i turned around to check out the scene, i was suddenly stopped dead in my tracks. sitting there in the corner were angi, jenny, laura, jay, cosmo, lina, missy, az., sandeep, elio, and jayeesha, surrounded by party decorations. "SURPRISE!"

needless to say, i was surprised. it turned out to be a celebration of my 26th at 26mix! we ate ice cream cake and drank tecates and blew up toxic balloons, and i lit cigarettes with my chairman mao lighter. elio told a good joke involving thumbs and blowjobs, az. and i shook our hips to janet jackson, and the night was over all too soon.

i am lucky to have the friends that i do. as you may have noticed, that's a recurring theme in this journal.