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silverback gorilla's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
silverback gorilla

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moon ring [27 Feb 2002|12:51am]

Dana got laid off today. I talked to her in the evening. She told me there was a giant ring around the moon. After we'd finished talking, I went out on the back porch and looked up. I wanted to see it with her.

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We get a thousand worms in the mail [27 Feb 2002|08:40pm]

Our worms came in the mail today. I kept a healthy distance when Josh opened the package, just in case they tried to jump out and go for my throat.

A thousand worms don't take up very much space. We filled our compost bin with wet newspaper, added a handful of dirt, threw in the worms and a pound of organic waste, and voila! ("voila" is french for "disgusting")

From my friend Andy's response to a note I sent thanking him for this jade pipe he brought me from China:

glad to hear you actually got that
little jade piece to work--most of the ones i gave out
were hilariously non-bored-out, making them almost
impossible to use. "non-working paraphernalia--my anti-drug."

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