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silverback gorilla

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Reading Huckleberry Finn [23 Aug 2001|02:39pm]

I'm reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. It's pretty good. Continuing in my never-ending efforts to become as annoying as possible, I've adopted several speech mannerisms from Huck. These include using "powerful", "considerable" and "tolerable" as adjectives that modify other adjectives:

  • "I was powerful hungry by lunchtime"
  • "She fixed it up considerable pretty"
  • "Sapient is tolerable boring"

And saying "I reckon" a lot.

Normal person: What's up a---?
Me: I reckon I'm powerful hungry! And considerable certain I'm needing some cornpone!
Normal person: (backs away slowly)

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Ding dong the wicked witch is retired [23 Aug 2001|09:54pm]


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