silverback gorilla (jcruelty) wrote,
silverback gorilla

I eat part of a complete breakfast

For breakfast today, I had chocolate cake & coffee. This sounds unhealthy, but it's actually in line with the latest USDA "Food Pyramid." They use sophisticated science to determine daily nutritional requirements, and cake is one of those requirements.

Erik: "I can't believe cake is part of a complete breakfast."
Chet: "Science is not about your feelings."

Going to Dizzee Rascal tonight. It sucks that it's on a school night, but we have to represent. Last night when I said this, Az. asked, "Represent WHAT? 20 Pond Street?" Hexactly.

Here's a track off Dizzee's latest, Showtime. Uplifting sentiments + a nice take-off on Snoop. "With so much drama in the LDN, it's kind of hard, finding legal money to spend."

Dizzee Rascal - "Imagine"

from Showtime LP (XL Recordings, 2004)


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